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+We are so excited to announce that Dr Seth now has his PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)/ Stem Cell processing Centrifuge and kits for DOGS!

+This adds an entire new dimension and gigantic offering for our dogs that suffer from arthritis, ligament damage, and even certain wound care.

+This is drug free - allows the body to utilize its own healing power concentrated.

+Every ACL surgery automatically gets PRP injections in order to achieve the best potential long term outcome of not only reducing arthritis effect to the injured leg, but to also strengthen the opposite leg to reduce risk of it tearing!

+Cost wise will be dependent on each individual case and depth of sedation required, number of joints injected and if we are doing PRP or Stem Cell.

-PRP only requires heavy sedation - will usually range in cost from $550-$650.

-The positive effects in the joints will normally last 8-12 months if not longer.

-Stem Cell requires general anesthesia and will range in cost from $1300-1700.

-The crazy positive effects should last >12 months.

+These modalities are able to be given along with other regenerative therapies (Laser Light Therapy, Adequan, Joint Supplements) - but is much stronger and more effective than any of those alone.

+The procedure is done out patient

Specialty Surgeries | Maumee Valley Vet (link to more info on our website)

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