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From Dr. Nahrwold:

What is unique about this one compared to the many pet sites found on the internet?


All products come directly from the same reputable veterinary distributer that I use.  Why is this so important?


-          The products sold carry the manufacturer’s product guarantee, unlike other internet sources that manufacturers refuse to stand behind because of unauthorized sources, such as bootlegged product from overseas which many times have been determined to be altered or tampered with (the reason it is so cheap usually)


-          I can in good faith authorize prescription purchase that require a prescription because I know the source is safe and unadulterated.  In addition, most of you have had your pet seen by me within the last 12 months to allow me to legally authorize this.  In addition, I KNOW that the distributor will not steal my DEA number to be used in an unauthorized manner.  I only request that if a prescription product is desired for a particular medical reason, that I have seen the pet for that reason.  (again, needed by law).


       You will fine VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING.  The online store managers continually monitor internet sales and take the average of the seven most common, throwing out the highest and lowest in the average.


        Purchases are easy… you make an account for yourself and checkout.  If an item is a prescription item, I receive an email notifying me of your request, and if a valid doctor-patient-client relationship exists, I just have to click on a button to authorize it, because the distributor already has the legal documents that I have supplied them with to do so.


         Featured products will be shown on a monthly or every other month basis, so be sure to stop by and check these out. 


         Some foods can also be purchased and delivered directly to your home, such as Royal Canin and certain Purina ProPlan lines.


          Check out the various chews, toys etc too!

Maumee Valley

Veterinary Clinic P.C.


Dr. David F. Nahrwold DVM