Congratulations to the May

Pet Wellness Winner:

"Bane" Boyer

Welcome New Pets!

We are happy to introduce the newest pets to the Maumee Valley Vet family!

May 2021

Sadie Zartman.jpg
Sawyer Zsartman.jpg
Taco Pelton.jpg
Thistle Thomas.jpg
Soldier Blair.jpg
Vern Turner.jpg
Virdie Bayes.jpg
Zara King.jpg
Sarge Moore.jpg
kaiya Eicher.jpg
mocha Miller.jpg
Max Engle.jpg
Millie Richards.jpg
Rosie Baumle.jpg
Sasha Sennebogen.jpg
Charlie Blackford.jpg
Cutie Fisher.jpg
Lindsy Fisher.jpg
Lady Jane Sechler.jpg
Lucky Fisher.jpg
Hitler Fisher.jpg
Growlie Bryan.jpg
Jet Moser.jpg
Baby Moore.jpg
Bella Curtin.jpg
Bella Mia Ruiz.jpg
Camry Smalley.jpg
Bub Fisher.jpg
McKenna Kutzli.jpg
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